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Welcome to inspiring change

a community of artists and creatives worldwide

Who are we____________ anyways

Inspiring Change is a community of artists, cultural managers, creative entrepreneurs, art lovers, art activists, producers, directors, art companies and organizations, art buyers and art investors.

What are we___________ all about

Inspiring Change is a community where you can connect with your favorite artists from yours or other discipline, yours or other nationality, develop collaborative projects and bring your glorious idea into reality.

Inspiring Change is also here to provide you with useful information, opportunities that might interest you (job, residency, exchange), courses to develop your management skills and webinars on topics of matter.

This is the place where you can publish your artwork and make your portfolio visible, where you can get support with your project management and funding, explore artists worldwide, inspire and get inspired every day.

Welcome to the world of opportunities, connection and creativity.

See you on the_________ other side

Create your profile, link your portfolio and dive in!

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